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App NameChoices: Stories You Play
Latest versionv2.8.7
Mod InfoPremium Choices
Last Update1 Week Ago

Choices Mod APK is a storytelling game, you will take the time to try it. When you experience the chosen world, you will be definitely impressed by what it offers. In addition, the nature of this type of game is constantly changing, and you can easily see this through the constantly changing environment. The effect in the game is very similar to a static image, which will gradually appear in front of the player to clarify the storyline.

Choices Mod APK

Choices Mod APK is a simulation game with so many fictional stories and characters. There will always be characters talking to each other, and you will see their pictures and their conversations. Therefore, you will read these dialogues very carefully, because any information in this game is completely useful. It can be said to be a fiction-like experience, but the visual effect will change according to the nature of the ongoing story. It can be said that trying these stories in the Choices Mod APK will make you feel more comfortable.

Stories in Choices Mod APK

When you encounter a story, you will always find a problem that needs solving, just like the climax in a story. Therefore, you need to carefully read what is happening to properly deal with the problem. The gameplay of Choices is similar to other ways of storytelling, you need to make the right decision according to your preference. At the same time, each option will bring an inevitable advance in the plot.

You will understand the character’s reaction through each selected choice. Therefore, throughout the game, you will spend a few minutes thinking about what needs to be done in the game to get the direction you want. It can be said that this is a typical story game, even if the player does not know what he will encounter in the game, he will decide what will happen. Games bring freedom to the user experience.

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Choices Mod APK Screenshots

Choices Mod Apk 1
Choices Mod Apk 2
Choices Mod Apk 3

Choices Mod APK Features

Customize your character: Like other simulation games such as “The Sims” and “Youtubers Life”… When you join the game for the first time, you must customize your character to participate in the game’s story and context. However, the choices will be limited and you cannot create a character exactly as you wish, just choose one of the available suggestions. But don’t neglect this very attractive game, its wonderful stories and interesting scenes are waiting to be discovered.

Discover stories: The story you play has many different interesting stories, which will be updated every week. The stories are divided into different types: magic, love, horror, reality, fantasy, and even adult types (sounds interesting, right?). The important thing is that you can choose any story you want without having to complete it in order. These stories will make you curious and wonder what happens when you change your choices.

New Stories: In addition to the stories in the Selection, you will also find new stories that have been updated according to a set schedule. So the number of stories will increase, and you can find other new stories to continue the experience. There is nothing more exciting than the feeling of discovering new things every week and you will surely be satisfied with what you have. For any player, this will be a long experience.

When you enter the story, the game will definitely allow you to change the appearance of the character to suit your preferences. This is also a time-consuming process because anyone wants their role to be great. In addition, he can be considered as a representative of the player, testing the possibilities that may occur in this game.

Stories of Various Genres: As for the options, you will love what it offers to entertain you and immerse yourself in the exciting story. These are colorful stories that you will be able to experience. Each story has a certain length and you will experience it from one story to another. You will spend some time experiencing the story in this game, and there will be many factors that affect the completion speed of the game screen.

The uniqueness of the story in choices mod APK lies in the plot difference of each novel. In other words, it can be regarded as a small library with many different types of books for you to choose from. Specifically, you can become a university student and meet new friends. Another storybook will take you into the Middle Ages when you are the lord of a country, the enemy stole it from you.

How to Download and Install Choices Mod APK?

Choices Mod APK is not an original game that’s why you will not find this game on the Play Store. To download this game, you will have to do some simple steps which are:

  1. Click on the download button to download the file.
  2. Your file will be download.
  3. Open the file from the file manager.
  4. Enable Unknown Sources from the settings.
  5. Install the file and enjoy using this cool app.


Since this is a free game, you need to pay with IAP in many ways, but by downloading Choices MOD APK, you will be able to choose premium stories for free, which means unlimited diamonds, and you can also unlock premium costumes and VIP accounts to use it. Some VIP privileges are server-side, that’s why you encounter such errors. I will now explain the bugs and fixes.


I have an Older Version of Choices MODS now How Can I Update it?

Since you have already downloaded our MODS option, you must return to this page, get the latest MOD APK, and install the latest MOD APK on the installed version of the old game. (No need to uninstall the old version)

How to Play VIP Books in Choices Stories you play?

You can choose to play VIP APK stories, but this series of books is server-side, so you cannot play VIP books at this time. Maybe in the future, if I can do it, I will post it here.

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